“I scarce can take it in”

This quote from Stuart K. Hine in his revision of the classic hymn, How Great Thou Art, is the exact reason this blog came to be. If you, like me, have ever thought about the natural beauty of the world, the vastness of the heavens, the depth and breadth of the seas, or even something as deep as the love and grace of God, this phrase is for you.

“I scarce can take it in”, is saying “this is unimaginable”, incomprehensible, or something so awesome, I cannot begin to understand the fullness of it. If I look out the window into the world, this phrase rings true. If I set my thoughts on the power of God, this phrase rings true. If I go out on the waters in my kayak, this phrase rings true.

This blog is the exploration of the things we cannot imagine or understand. It just so happens, the only way to properly do that is to pursue the eternal, infinite, and unchangeable spirit of God, who is beyond our understanding Himself. This will be fun.

I’m a musician, a fan of music, and I love a good tune with solid lyrical content. You’ll find that these blog posts will tend to have a musical connection to them. Some posts will have a greater theological dig, and some will be a little lighter. Each post, however, will point towards finding out more about who we are and what our purpose is in this incredible world, which can only point us closer in the direction of God.

This is not a blog to pursue all knowledge and wisdom. This is a journey of exploring, thinking, sharing, and continually expanding our minds to more clearly see who and whose we are: God’s creation. We all have different interests, skill set, DNA, and ways we operate, but we are all created in the image of God. As we look at ourselves, we will be looking at the creator. As we look at the creator, we’ll be able to apply those thoughts and concepts to our purpose and our mission here.

Here we go. Weekly blog posts beginning now.


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