“I Have This Hope” – Sense the Call

“I Have This Hope” – Written by by Tenth Avenue North

A beautiful song added to our “songs we wish we wrote list” for sure. Ironically, this song gave us a lot of trouble in the end! It’s simple, easy to record, easy to edit, and should have been an easy project. There’s always a catch though, right? 🙂 Our computer died the morning we went to edit, which prompted a lot of frustration. God is good, though, and he provides beyond our expectations.

Our macbook pro is nearly a decade old, so we’ve been struggling for a few years to keep it alive. We went out to the store to diagnose the latest setback, and we walked out with a new mac that we got at really great deal. We decided the constant need to fix the trusty old macbook was becoming too much of a constant. Did we need a new mac? Absolutely not, but it’s so neat to see the way that, even in the floods of life, God seems to pull us through every time and, most times, provides us with things we certainly don’t need to live.

Commit whatever you do to the Lord, and He’ll never leave your work in vain. (1 Corinthians 15:58 paraphrase)

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