Worship Songs: “Your Love, Oh Lord (Psalm 36)” by Third Day

https://vimeo.com/207746528?activityReferer=1 Many of the Bible studies that I have attended usually had someone with the audacity to bring a guitar (it would usually be me). My hope with the "Worship Songs" segment is to create a space where we could worship together, like we would if we were attending a Bible study together. Let this … Continue reading Worship Songs: “Your Love, Oh Lord (Psalm 36)” by Third Day

A True Kind of Fasting

The danger of religion is that it can cause us to be self-concious or self-focused. What we give up or take up becomes more about ourselves and less about God. Fasting becomes a means to flex our spiritual muscle, to prove to ourselves we can be better. God is no one's fool though, He can see through our masks.

Not by Works

Day after day, week after week, we work, we sweat, we grind away to earn whatever it is we want. How we view ourselves and our work ethic ultimately affects what we perceive our value to be. Some believe they deserve everything, others believe they deserve nothing. Most of us, I believe, fall in between.